I Use A Sewing Machine To Capture Nature’s Fragile Beauty With Embroidery

Featured Needle and Thread embroidered traceries embroidery embroidery art 9th of September 2015

I hope to capture the power, beauty and fragility of nature in knotted embroidery threads. The work explores the sculptural possibilities of a unique embroidery technique that utilizes a domestic sewing machine and a base fabric that dissolves in water. By repeatedly stitching threads into dense structures I create intricate and complex openwork compositions that mimic natural forms and structures.

I have always found inspiration in the natural world. Exploring, collecting and drawing makes up a large part of the field work aspect of my practice which gives me a great excuse to go for lots of bushwalks in search of reference material. I am also a keep scuba diver and love to explore the world below the waves as well.

I have always been fascinated by the structure of things, from the hard shapes of coral colonies to the minute arterial veins in leaves. I like to draw parallels between the growth and life systems of various organisms in my work commenting upon the interconnectedness of all living things.

More info: meredithwoolnough.com.au

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